The Extra

Continental’s commitment to our customers is to provide “The Extra”.

  • Extra service (including routine preventative maintenance, training updates and engineers on call 24/7)
  • Extra attention (with the best customer service in the industry covering the entire country with equal attention)
  • Extra experience (over two hundred years of collective experience in the trenches)
  • Extra knowledge (by hiring experienced and knowledgeable people to represent our company)
  • Extra options (customization, adaptability & innovation)
  • Extra value (the highest quality products at competitive pricing)
  • Extra detail (no corners cut, every stone overturned, to meet your unique needs)
  • Extra responsiveness (in this industry, you need it NOW and we get it)
  • Extra effort (from a team that is passionate about our industry, and yours)
  • Extra savings (our companies work together to maximize your savings with innovative solutions ie: consumption lease options, warehousing solutions, and reconditioned product lines)
  • Extra peace of mind (so you can focus on what matters most)

Please contact us to discover The Extras that we can bring to your packaging and recycling needs.