CPPC travels to South America

During the summer of 2013—Continental Paper & Plastics sent Pat McCann, engineer, and Steve O’Donnell, business development, to South America to share knowledge with several PET bottling plants regarding the benefits of using lower gauge/higher stretch films in their packaging process. The use of ultra-high performance films allows companies to reduce their stretch film costs as well as lower their carbon foot print by using less stretch film per unit load. CPPC has worked across the United States providing our expertise in this arena and was recently asked to assist our South American customer’s plants to do the same. The results were even better than expected. During the 4 plant journey to Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador the film savings ranged from 25% to 42% and with improvements in equipment, the savings could be even greater. Providing companies with the knowledge they require to optimize their packaging while reducing costs is the EXTRA that Continental brings to their customers every day no matter where they are.

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